Award winning design and technology

We love to ride bikes. It is in our blood. From this our technology comes. For instanse our frames for the electric bikes. They stand out from the market both in terms of design and in terms of quality – simply made with passion for bikes.

Diavelo is founded in 2007 when the ebike industry was very young and almost no brands where present in this category. The Company is founded in the The Netherlands by the Danish designer and inventor Brian Hoehl. Diavelo was the first in the bicycle industry to use light and compact lithium batteries for electric bicycles. “Our design philosophy is that electric bikes should be inviting in their appearance and easy to use.” And they should be for everyone. The battery must be an integrated part of the bicycle, but also be easy to take off when it comes to charging. That’s why we invented the electric bike with the inside removal battery.

Now a days Diavelo is a part of Accell Group

Less is more.